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“Connecting Millions to Livelihoods Opportunities”

YuvaBox works towards supporting the new collar workforces with recruiters or companies in India through a unified digital platform. In simple words it caters to the needs of the work-seekers as well as the opportunity providers in the blue-collar jobs market or any similar work opportunity market. The project is powered by CSRBOX with its technology partner firm. YuvaBox initiates re-thinking for the new-collar employment and micro-entrepreneurship in India, specifically addressing the challenges of the post-pandemic new scenario where we have high reverse migration, apprehension and uncertainty for job seekers, and endless struggle faced by the industries to secure workforce to restart the production or service delivery.

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Uniquely qualified

Get your job in front of Recruter members who are active on our network, engaged in their careers, and open to new opportunities.

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Our network gives us a deep, up-to-date, and insightful dataset of professionals. We use that data to match your role to the most qualified professionals.

Only pay for results

Pay only when candidates view your job post. Tell us your budget, and we can estimate how many applicants you'll receive.